The Yellow Fairy #1 is a bitter forward Amaro based cocktail. Elegant in its nature, and complex on the palate, the Yellow Fairy #1 is a true bartender’s cocktail and not for the faint of heart.


Nick & Nora


1.5 ounce Amaro Artemisia
1 ounce Chamomile Liqueur
0.5 ounce Honey Syrup
0.5 ounce Empirical Gin
0.5 ounce Jack Rudy Tonic Syrup
0.25 ounce Lemon Juice
1 dash Ceylon Tea Tincture


Dehydrated lemon wheel


Shake all ingredients with ice and double strain into a Nick & Nora.

Tasting Notes:

Bitter forward, light notes of herbal and honey on the finish

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