Trade Wind Cocktail

Amaro Arancia, Empirical Dry Gin

Trade Wind Cocktail is from BeachBum Berry Remixed: A Gallery of Tiki Drinks and is a refreshing blend of gin and lemon juice. The original recipe calls for Orange Curacao. However, the addition of PostModern Spirits Amaro Arancia delivers the bright orange citrus flavor while also providing a slight dryness on the finish that truly rounds this cocktail out with a sense of elegance. This cocktail should not be confused with The Tradewinds, which is a delicious blend of lemon juice, coconut cream, apricot brandy & rums!




Empirical Dry Gin 1.25 ounce
Amaro Arancia 0.5 ounce
Lemon Juice 1.5 ounce
Simple Syrup 0.5 ounce
Egg White Replacement
Soda Water 2 ounce



Dry Shake all ingredients for 20-30 seconds. Add ice and shake to chill cocktail. Strain into chilled Collins Glass and build foam with soda water.

Tasting Notes:

Bright lemon citrus with slight dryness from the Amaro

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