Thin Mint Latte

Cacao Liqueur, Fernet Gallo

What happens when a thin mint meets an espresso martini? PostModern Spirits’ Thin Mint Latte arrives! The Thin Mint Latte is a complex & elegant cocktail that plays off the mint forward and wormwood bitter Fernet Gallo and is balanced by the whiskey barrel aged Cacao Liqueur and robust coffee syrup.


Nick & Nora


Cacao Liqueur 2 ounce
Fernet Gallo 1.5 ounce
Coffee Syrup* 1.5 ounce


Lemon Twist


Shake on ice for 5 seconds, then dry shake for 10 seconds, then strain into nick & nora & garnish.

*Coffee Syrup: 14 ounce hot water, 14 ounce sugar, 8 ounce coffee, ¼ ounce almond extract, ¼ ounce vanilla extract. Combine all ingredients and allow to cool and bottle.

Tasting Notes:

Complex with bitter coffee & dark chocolate notes, bright notes of mint & balancing sweetness

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