Fermented, distilled & barrel aged in Knoxville, TN.

A single barrel is the epitome of the union of wood and whiskey. Every hand-crafted barrel has its own unique expression of flavors that it imparts to the whiskey. We’ve identified a limited number of these exemplary single barrels that we will release as they reach their peak of smoothness and flavor. Please enjoy each of these exclusive single barrel releases of our American Single Malt Whiskey.

American Single Malt Whiskey Single Barrel Release

750 ml + 90 proof + 45% alc/vol

We have hand selected seven Single Barrels of our American Single Malt Whiskey for their distinctive character. The blended barrels of American Single Malt Whiskey are notable for their subtle smokey, sweet flavors and delicate aromatic finish, and the Single Barrel expressions build upon that character. Each Single Barrel is different, but they are all notable for their smooth & sweet malt character and sublimely delicate finish!

Release Notes

#1: Butterscotch, caramel aromas with a drier Scotch Whiskey-like finish ~ The Connoisseur’s Whiskey.

#2: Opens with hazelnut and toffee aromas, and a delicately sweet finish.

#3: [Sold Out] Light smoke from front to back, highlighted by coffee and chocolate notes ~ So smooth!

#4: Opens with toasted almond, lightly sweet flavors of marzipan and pepper with a slightly spicy finish.

#5: [Sold Out] Delicate cherry wood smoke on the nose, Belgian chocolate flavors & dry, warm finish.

#6:Tasting Notes: Dry, slightly smoky nose with spicy, almond middle and short finish.

#7: Tasting Notes: Wild cherry bark and walnut aromas dominate with a maple syrup finish.





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