Just in time for the Holidays, PostModern Spirits Launches 3 New Products

PostModern Spirits new release for First Friday

PostModern Spirits in Knoxville’s Old City is set to launch it’s latest spirits on Friday, November 3rd at its First Friday celebration. PostModern’s five original spirits (the citrusy Giniferous Gin, Navy Strength Empirical Dry Gin, corn-based KORE Vodka, Chamomile Liqueur with Elderflowers and Apricots, and Elderberry Gin Liqueur), will be joined by Cacao Liqueur, Amaro Arancia, a Bitter Orange Liqueur, and (Up)Root Barrel Rested Gin.

PostModern Cacao Liqueur is a crystal clear chocolaty spirit in a palate pleasing 50-proof formulation. Distilled in small batches using single source cacao nibs from Fiji, PostModern Cacao Liqueur presents with a deep chocolate aroma and flavor that will make it a perfect holiday gift item. Whether sipped alone, over ice, as a nightcap, mixed into favorite cocktails like a Chocolate Martini or Twentieth Century, or incorporated into baked goods, PostModern Cacao Liqueur is a luxurious highlight to holiday feasts and gatherings.

For the professional and home mixologist, Amaro Arancia Bitter Orange Liqueur will surely be a popular addition to the bar. For each batch of liqueur, the fresh zest of Valencia Oranges are combined with other quality botanicals like gentian root, licorice root, and cardamom. These botanicals are allowed to gently age in the spirit to ensure the natural ingredients stand out before being sweetened slightly so as not to lose the bitter qualities so desired in today’s cocktails. Upon opening Amaro Arancia, you will be greeted with a complex orange nose from the fresh natural zest used. Amaro Arancia slips easily into classic cocktails in place of apertivos like aperol, campari or other traditional ingredients giving cocktails a delightful twist. In intricate cocktails, Amaro Arancia helps round out flavors by giving the drink body and brilliant flavor. Try sipping alone before dinner with cheese and charcuterie or finishing the evening accompanied by a bitter chocolate.

For the gin enthusiast, PostModern UpRoot Gin offers a compelling new spin for winter. Juniper, Coriander, Szechuan Peppercorn, Angelica, Cardamom, Rose Hips, Galangal, and Orris Root, are first distilled in small 100-gallon batches. Following distillation, UpRoot is rested in oak barrels for a short period of time to allow the botanicals to come together into a cold weather gin with warm and complex root botanical flavors. We like to sip it on the rocks, but UpRoot is also well-suited for cocktails and makes a perfect hostess gift at holiday parties.

All eight PostModern Spirits are available at East Tennessee liquor stores, restaurants, and bars along with our own Methodology Tasting Room in Knoxville’s Old City. Methodology offers unique craft cocktails, tastings, tours, and of course bottle sales 7 days a week.

PostModern Spirits is located in the Jackson Terminal Building at 205 W. Jackson Avenue. info@postmodernspirits.com + postmodernspirits.com + @postmodernspirits on instagram and facebook.