For the modern mind.

We had a vision to make new spirits for the modern mind. We strive to create unique spirits that set themselves apart from other distilleries and mainstream spirits. Our spirits use only flavors and colors derived from natural botanicals, grains, and fruits, and are all produced on-site at our Old City location in Knoxville, Tennessee. Whether it’s one of our unique gins or a carefully-crafted, but forgotten Italian liqueur, we want you to remember the passion and hard work that goes into mindfully crafted spirits.

Hi(Rye) Whiskey

750 ml + 90 proof + 45% alc/vol

SF World Spirits Competition Double Gold Winner

Some have said Rye Whiskey is made from the tears of distillers; in this case both distiller and brewer alike went through the highs and lows of creating Knoxville’s First Rye Whiskey!

Knoxville say Hi, Rye Whiskey to PostModern Spirits’ first Rye Whiskey! Made in collaboration with local brewers, we fought through multiple setbacks to create a Rye Whiskey like none other. Our Hi, Rye Whiskey is made from 70% rye and 30% malted barley. It has classic rye spice from front to back with a sweet honey and apricot finish.

Straight Malt Whiskey

750 ml + 90 proof + 45% alc/vol

PostModern Spirits created this Straight Malt Whiskey to honor the original malt whiskies distilled over 500 years ago. But we took a PostModern approach and collaborated with local breweries to create our Straight Malt Whiskey made from 100% Malted Barley. A portion of the malt used is smoked with cherry wood which creates a smokiness to balance the sweetness from the new, charred oak barrels.

(Up)Root Gin

750 ml + 85 proof + 42.5% alc/vol

PostModern Spirits’ (Up)Root Gin is a compelling new spin on gin! The unique, spicy botanical blend of szechuan peppercorn, galangal root and juniper is mellowed by aging in toasted, new oak barrels. We love to sip (Up)Root Gin on the rocks, but it is perfectly suited for traditional gin and rye whiskey cocktails.

Empirical Dry Gin

750 ml + 114 proof + 57% alc/vol

PostModern Spirits’ Empirical Dry Gin is a bold, contemporary gin! Our Empirical Dry Gin, also known as The Bartender’s Friend, is bottled at Navy Strength {114 proof} and features twice the normal amount of juniper along with grapefruit zest and rose hips. The Juniper BOMB!

Giniferous Gin

750 ml + 85 proof + 42.5% alc/vol

The hoppy-citrus character of PostModern Spirits’ Giniferous Gin is the result of combining aromatic citra hops with lemon and lime zest. This modern, American Craft-Style gin’s citrus backbone is accented with hints of lavender for an exceptionally smooth gin experience! The perfect warm weather sipper!

Kore Vodka

750 ml + 80 proof + 40% alc/vol

PostModern Spirits’ Kore Vodka is a premium, smooth vodka made from corn. Filtered 5 times, Kore Vodka has a velvety mouthfeel and finishes impeccably clean. Named after the Greek goddess of vegetation, Kore Vodka is naturally gluten free – the Connoisseur’s Vodka!


Fernet Gallo

750 ml + 79 proof + 39.5% alc/vol

Fernet Gallo is made from a mix of bitter and minty herbs and botanicals including wormwood and horehound. After infusing the spirit, it’s then aged in our used malt whiskey barrels for a minimum of 6 months adding subtle notes of oak and smoke. Fernet Gallo is perfect as a bitter aperitivo to open your appetite but sweet enough to drink at dessert. Buona Fortuna!

Subrosa Liqueur

750 ml + 45 proof + 22.5% alc/vol

PostModern Spirits’ Subrosa Liqueur is made with the root of iris flowers and hibiscus flowers to give it a delicate floral flavor. The brilliant violet hue comes from Butterfly Pea Flowers.

Amaro Alpino Liqueur

750 ml + 70 proof + 35% alc/vol

In the traditional alpine amaro style, our Amaro Liqueur is rested in oak barrels. The spicy and bitter amaro flavors mellow when rested in our used malt whiskey barrels, while the barrel brings sweet and smoky notes to the amaro. After resting on oak, the amaro is infused with fresh orange zest to create an unmistakable freshness to compliment the earthy notes of the botanicals. Enjoy straight over ice or in your favorite amaro-based cocktail.

Amaro Arancia

750 ml + 50 proof + 25% alc/vol

PostModern Spirits’ Amaro Arancia is a bitter orange liqueur made with fresh orange zest, gentian root, licorice root and cardamom. A complex and bitter cocktail ingredient perfect for a negroni, boulevardier, spritz or anywhere you might use Aperol or Campari.

Amaro Artemisia Liqueur

750 ml + 75 proof + 37.5% alc/vol

An intensely bitter and fragrant liqueur made with nine old world botanicals. The warming spices of mace and cinnamon are complimented by the woody and citrus notes of coriander and lemon balm. The finish is distinctly bitter and distinctly wormwood. The perfect digestif!

Barrel Rested Cacao Liqueur

750 ml + 50 proof + 25% alc/vol

Distilled using roasted cacao nibs, PostModern Spirits’ Cacao Liqueur captures the essence of chocolate in a bottle. To further enhance the big chocolate flavor, we rest the spirit in used Malt Whiskey barrels which imparts sweet and smoky notes to the liqueur.

Elderberry Gin Liqueur

750 ml + 65 proof + 32.5% alc/vol

PostModern Spirits’ Elderberry Gin Liqueur brings the flavors of late Summer into a bottle. Elderberries add just the right amount of jam/jelly sweetness that finishes with our citrusy Giniferous Gin.

Chamomile Liqueur

750 ml + 65 proof + 32.5% alc/vol

PostModern Spirits’ Chamomile Liqueur, with a familiar aroma of herbal tea, opens up unlimited cocktail possibilities. The delicate floral notes from lavender and elderflower are enhanced by the natural sweetness of apricots.

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