Truly unique and all Knoxville

There’s nothing more exciting than distilling and creating new spirits that don’t fit any category. And that’s exactly what we’ve done for our Brewer’s Collaboration Series. Each limited, single barrel batch is a true collaboration between brewer and distiller. Each spirit has its own unique character distinguished by the beer and the brewers it came from.

Brewer’s Staves Whiskey

750 ml + 90 proof + 45% alc/vol

Our Brewer’s Staves Whiskey is part of our Brewer’s Co:Lab series made in collaboration with local brewers. Brewer’s Staves is a series of unique, beer-barreled aged whiskeys. After our malt whiskey is done aging in new charred oak barrels, we re-age the whiskey in spent craft beer barrels. Many of these beer barrels came from PostModern Spirits’ whiskey program bringing the barrel back to it’s original home: a full circle collaboration.

Saison Barrel

Aged 12 months with notes of orange peel, hay and black pepper.

Brown Recluse Ale Barrel

Aged 12 months with notes of brown sugar, fig and raisins.

Crafty Imperial Stout Barrel [Sold Out]

A special version of our single malt whiskey with three times the amount of cherry wood smoked malt. After aging for a year in new, charred oak barrels, this whiskey was aged in a Crafty Bastard imperial stout beer barrel for another 8 months. Big flavors of smoke and dark roasted malts dominate on the nose and through to the finish. Hints of vanilla and chocolate come through when diluted on ice.

Brewer’s Co:Lab Malt Whiskey 2019

750 ml + 90 proof + 45% alc/vol

PostModern Distilling and four local craft brewers came together to make something truly unique and all Knoxville. We distilled and barrel aged four beers to create four unique single barrel whiskeys:

Rauch Malt with Maize [Sold Out]

Base: Two Row and Rauch Malts with Maize

Tasting Notes: The smoked malt and corn combine to produce a slightly smoky whiskey with hints of banana bread and black peppercorn. Best when slightly diluted with ice.

Dark Malt with Botanicals [Sold Out]

Base: Dark Malts with botanicals added

Tasting Notes: The botanicals add a new twist to this dark malt whiskey. With notes of orange, cardamom, allspice and vanilla; this whiskey is best served neat.

Imperial Kentucky Common [Sold Out]

Base: Imperial Kentucky Common

Tasting Notes: Based on their popular Imperial Kentucky Common; this multi-grain whiskey has both bitter and sweet notes like a dark chocolate truffle. Best served with ice which amplifies these flavors.

Rye Wine [Sold Out]

Base: High Rye Wine

Tasting Notes: This spicy rye whiskey is based on Pretentious Beer Co.’s High Rye Wine beer. The rye spice will make your tongue tingle as it finishes with notes of walnut. Best served neat.

Brewer’s Co:Lab Malt Whiskey 2018

750 ml + 90 proof + 45% alc/vol

Chocolate Stout [Sold Out]

The roasted malts of this chocolate stout provide deep dark bitter Belgian chocolate notes with a finish similar to a cold brew coffee. Perfect neat at room temperature.

IPA/Belgian Golden Hybrid [Sold Out]

The fermentation and hoppy flavors really come through on this whiskey providing fruity, tropical notes all the way through. Opens up with a splash of water.

Multi Grain with Belgian Candi Sugar [Sold Out]

The mix of four grains with Belgian Candi Sugar in the beer combine to form sweet and spicy flavors. Orange and cinnamon notes shine through with the addition of ice.

Two Row Base [Sold Out]

This one is all about the grain and the barrel. Two row base malts create a slightly sweet and very smooth finish. Similar to a Japanese whiskey, enjoy it neat.





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